AVI Import

Importing AVI into DICOM multi-frame Image using DicomObjects is fairly easy.

COM version of DicomObjects

Use DicomImage.Import method. Some simple vb6 code here:

Dim Image as New DicomImage
Image.Import("C:\TestAvi.AVI", "AVI")

.NET version of DicomObjects

We haven't put the code into DicomObjects. We used the sample AVI import code from CodeProject by Corinna John to extract each AVI frame, convert it into Bitmap, import the Bitmap into DicomImage, add each imported DicomImage into a DicomImageCollection object and finally call the DicomImageCollection's MakeMultiFrame method to get the multi-frame DicomImage.

You can download the sample C# program (made in VS2005 C#) from here and the sample VB.NET program from here.

For AVI export, check the AVI_Creation page.

For setting the Multi-Frame Image's display rate, check the How_to_Specify_the_Cine_Display_Rate page.

Note, versions made after 07-November-2008 have DicomImage.ImportAVI method built in so the above approached is no longer needed.