Upgrading to DicomObjects 6.0

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Changes to DicomObjects.NET Version 6


Importing pixel data to DicomImage

Pixel data that is not convertible to Bitmap can be directly imported by DicomObjects by using the DimcomImage.Import() method overload with "stream" and "format" parameters.

These parameters are:
  1. "Stream" which consists of pixel data.
  2. "Format" is a string value of the file extension.  ( e.g.  J2K , JPP , JP2 , JPC , PGC , PGX , PDF , CDA )

Based on the specified "format",  an appropriate codec is selected and applied for importing pixel data from the "stream" to a DicomImage.

DicomObjects.NET - why 10 seconds delay on loading first DICOM image

We are sometimes getting report from our users about this particular problem which was "caused" by our CDLicense checking code - "CDLicense" (perhaps not the best term!) is what we use to describe the process you use to authenticate by strong name rather than license server (as it was first used for CD viewers).

DICOM Extended Negotiation of User Identity


DICOM supplement 99 - DICOM User Identity Negotiation.



Available in DicomObjects.NET version and all later versions:


Sample c# code:




DicomAssociation cn = new DicomAssociation();

cn.Identity = new DicomAssociation.UserIdentity();


DicomDataSet.Value Overview

Here is a complete list of all possible .NET objects that DicomDataset.Value can return.



A DICOM Dataset is the fundamental "block" of useful information in DICOM, and is used for multiple purposes:


We are sometimes asked "does DicomObjects support ECG" (or EKG depending on where you are in the world!)

The answer is that we support it (as we for all SOP classes) for reading/writing/transmission as well as giving you the ability to create it and to extract data element values from it.

We do not offer explicit rendering (there are just TOO many variables, and we spend days handling every possible option of line thickness, colour etc.) but the ECG data is readily available, and quite simple to put into the graphing package of your choice.

Registry Values

Many of the less commonly used features of DicomObjects are controlled by "registry" values, which can be specified in one of 2 ways:

Problems using DicomObjects.NET from VBScript

Following our first article about how to Host_.NET_Viewer_on_Web_Page, people asked questions about using DicomObjects.NET from their VB/Java scripts.

We created this page to sum up some of the most commons problems, and we will continue to update this page should we get more questions/sulution from our values users.


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