Rotate/Flip Images

How to Rotate/Flip DicomImage?

It's dead easy to Rotate/Flip Images using DicomObjects, change the FlipState and RotateState properties as below:

DicomImage.FlipState = doFlipHorizontal
DicomImage.RotateState = doRotate180 

All possible enumerations for FlipState and RotateState are:

Deleting Files In Delphi

This is a Delphi specific problem (Believed to be solved in Version 7 and afterwards). Getting errors when trying to delete an image file, even when the Images collection has already been cleared. See the following code:

Drag and Drop

Using Drag and Drop from DicomViewer COM object, to another application, in .NET environment.

In order to enable drag and drop from a DicomViewer COM object, in .NET environment, Follow the following steps:

In the definition part of the dicom viewer (in the form "InitializeComponent" section), add the following line:

this.axDicomViewer1.MouseDownEvent += new AxDicomObjects.IDicomViewerEvents_MouseDownEventHandler(this.axDicomViewer1_MouseDown);

Then implement axDicomViewer1_MouseDown:

Adding Sequence Items

A sequence in DICOM is represented by DicomDataSets Object in DicomObjects and a sequence item is represented by a DicomDataSet Object.
Following is sample VB6 code showing how to add sequence items using DicomObjects.

DicomLabel Points

What's in the DicomLabel.Points array?

DicomLabel.Points is an array of pairs [X1, Y1, X2, Y2, ... Xn, Yn]. The order of the pairs is the order the points are added to the DicomLabel.


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